Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wet & Wild in the sunshine on the Gold Coast

Huge thanks to Soren's dad, Eric Heinz, who not only sent us his son AND his wife, Sarah, who is a chaperone, but also sponsored today's fun at Wet And Wild on the Gold Coast.

And we had a beautiful warm, sunny day to enjoy the park!

The boys had a blast, and why wouldn't they, since the most awesome water park on the Gold Coast of Australia was EMPTY except for us! No Lines!

The bond of the tour choir was so evident today, especially between the oldest and the youngest. Each group of the oldest boys included some of the youngest but even after it was clear to the staff that the youngest were really quite able to navigate the park on their own, the youngest and oldest continued to enjoy the day together.

For all the KSB alumni - yes, we still love Magnum Bars on tour, especially Fitz!

Out of our bathing suits and off to Anglican Church Grammar School, Churchie School to the locals, for the final concert of the tour, singing for the 176 boarding students, all boys ages 8 - 18 years (sound familiar?) An incredibly appreciative audience, who win the prize for the best audience sing-along of Seed to Sow EVER!

Matthew singing Peter Piper

Ben C - We Are the Boyc

Tour is winding down now, with only four of our eleven flights left. Tomorrow we fly to Cairns for our final adventure on the Great Barrier Reef.

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