Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sunny (sort of) Sunday in Brisbane - Thanks to the Heinz/Foster family

We had a great final (major) concert last night with the Australian Youth Choir in Brisbane. I heard more than one boy say it was the most fun concert they've sung in a long time. The boys did a South African medley, treble style, that rocked the Aussie house.

We sang to Jaimie Polson.  Happy Birthday Jaimie!

Today we're off to Wet 'N Wild on the "Gold Coast." Special thanks to Eric Heinz and Sarah Foster, parents of Soren Heinz who are the main sponsors of this outing.  Thanks also to Ben Cerauli's grandfather and Jaleel Bivins' family who also made a contribution to today's exciting KSB adventure. I've been to alot of Water Parks, and this one is one of the best - a well deserved treat for the boys. Luckily the rain has stopped and the sun is out.  Should be a great day.

Tonight is our final (school) concert at Anglican Church Grammar School. It's a boarding school, thus the evening assembly.

More later...

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