Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Off to Auckland!

Good Afternoon Philadelphia!

The boys had a great day of shopping and sight singing yesterday. (Hybrid of sight seeing and singing ;-) No doubt parents, you'll be getting something lovely, touching, and useless from Queen Victoria Market.

Today we sang a service at St. Paul's Canterbury as a thank you for our rehearsal home while in Melbourne. We sang two songs for the four people at the morning service. Tour!

Soon the boys will be singing at a very different church - St. Paul's Cathedral downtown - perhaps the most important church venue in Melbourne. Absolutely stunning and a real coup for us to get a lunch time concert slot. Thanks Julie McKenna!

And then a mad dash to the airport. It's going to be very close, as this is an international flight to Auckland. We'll let you know if we make it. It won't be the first time KSB has been stranded in an airport. It's not tour without one major airport challenge!

More later...

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