Sunday, August 10, 2014

Monday's Itinerary: St. Nicolas and our first two concerts Down Under

Good morning KSB! 5:25am Melbourne time, and I've been up for hours! We LOVE tours that are 14 hours ahead of Philadelphia :-)

Below is Monday's updated itinerary. We'll do our best to post each day's itinerary, with the disclaimer that there is no guarantee of timeliness. Remember, no news is good news. If anything of concern arises, you'll hear from us.

You'll be asleep by the time we sing our first performances in Australia - a school concert (12:15am on Monday, Philly time) and our first joint concert with the AYC. (5:30am on Monday, Philly time)

Note our mornings in Melbourne will be spent getting a start on the Holiday season. Normally we'd have an August retreat in Ocean City.  Retreats are a must for any choir worth its salt. Today we will introduce the boys to their part in St. Nicolas Cantata by Benjamin Britten for choruses and orchestra. We will perform this for CY's "Annual Holiday Concert on the Square" at the Church of the Holy Trinity on Sunday, December 21st. Every singer in CY (approximately 500!) will play a part in this 50 minute, stunning choral work. In fact, Benjamin Britten was commissioned to write a work that several children's choirs could perform. So our performance will be very much in the spirit of the piece and its world premier.

More later...


AMBoys: Breakast with Melbourne Homestays
7:00Adults: Breafkast at Pegasus Apart-Hotel
7:15"Early" Staff & Chaps depart for St. Paul's Canterbury: walk to Melbourne Central Station (10min) Belgrave or Lilydale Line to Canterbury Station 28 minutes + 9 minute walk to church.
7:30"Late" Staff & Chaps depart for St. Paul's Canterbury via Flinders St. Station to pick up boys: City Tram to Flinders St Station (10min)
7:45Late Staff & Chaps arrive at Flinders St. Station to pick up Flinders St. Boys
8:00Flinders St. Boys arrive at Flinders St. Station (could be earlier or later than 8:00am)
8:15Late Staff & Chaps and Flinders St. Boys depart for St. Paul's Canterbury (could be later than 8:15): from Flinders St. Station, take Belgrave or Lilydale line to Canterbury Station
8:15Early Staff & Chaps arrive at St. Paul's Canterbury (corner of Margaret and Church Streets)
8:30Staff is at Canterbury Station to pick up Canterbury Station Boys (10min walk from St. Paul's, Canterbury)
8:45Canterbury Station Boys arrive at Canterbury Station; Picked up by Staff; Walk to St. Paul's, Canterbury (could be earlier or later than 8:45)
9:00Late Staff & Chaps and Flinders St. Boys arrive at Cateerbury Station. Staff mees them and walks them to St. Paul's Canterbury
9:00Car Boys arrive at St. Paul's Canterbury
AM Check in with Chaps and Boys: Are you happy and healthy? How's your indoor plumbing? Are you and your Tour Buddy getting along? Have you been bullied? Have you bullied? How is your Homestay Family? Are they nice? Weird? Nice and weird? Strange? How so? DO YOU HAVE YOUR GARMENT BAG OR ARE YOU SURE THAT YOUR HOST IS COMING!!! and garmnet bag check
KSB Treble "Summer" Retreat Down Under at St. Paul's Canterbury - Session I: We LOVE Benjamin Britten! St. Nicols Cantata is going to CHANGE MY LIFE - "Lighting hisses," "Place the Mitre on your head"
Break & Snack; Bathrooms
KSB Treble "Summer" Retreat Down Under at St. Paul's Canterbury - Session 2: Holiday 2015 Intro - Stopping By Woods, All is Well, Trepak, 
Lunch at St. Paul's Canterbury; Bathrooms
12:00Depart for some fresh air in Canterbury Gardens (11 minute walk, next to train station). Bring everything, not returning to St. Paul's Canterbury until tomorrow.  
12:30Depart for Trinity Grammar School: Canterbury Station towards City Centre to Glenferrie Station; tram to Glennferrie Rd. to Kew.
13:30Arrive at Trinity Grammar School: Charles Street between Wellington and Barkers Rd., next to Xavier College
Logistics Rehearsal, Bathrooms
14:15Performance at Trinity Grammar School (45 minutes)
15:00Performance ends
Water, Snack, Bathrooms
Depart for Auburn Uniting Church by foot (or take Train)
Arrive at Auburn Uniting Church: 81 Oxley Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122, Australia
16:00KSB Logistics Rehearsal at Auburn Uniting Church
"Platt" Nap (Like a cat nap, but more like how a plattypus naps, in honor of Martha. How does a plattypus nap?)
17:00Joint rehearsal with Australian Youth Choirs
Dinner (Australian Youth Choirs)
19:00Dress (Retrieve GARMENT BAGS from Host Family upon their arrival at venue)
19:30Joint Concert with Australian Youth Choirs at Auburn Uniting Church
Martha gives "Next Day" Review (rules, itinerary, attire, laundry) during performance
21:00Performace Ends; Meet up with Melbourne Homestays
Evening with Melbourne Homestays
Staff & Chaps depart for Pegaus Apart-Hotel by train (meeting as we travel).
Staff & Chaps: Dinner & Evening on own

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