Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lone Pine Koala Reserve - Thanks to the Madonia and Mack Familes

Another rainy day here in Brisbane, but once again , we are waterproof!!

Double-dipping today: A Boat Ride up the Brisbane River

AND Lone Pine Koala Reserve.

And of course we have another concert tonight.

Thanks to the Madonia and Mack families, 
and to all the other families 
who helped sponsor our Koala day. 

 Great morning checking out all the Australian wildlife here, and for those who wanted to, a chance to hold a Koala. If a choirboy isn't pictured, he was checking out the other animals instead of the Koalas!

With a last name like Platt, you can imagine I have fondness for the Platypus -- and finally got to see a pair with a big group of fellow Platypus fans:

Back into Brisbane for our next concert tonight!

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