Thursday, August 21, 2014 famous AntARTic pioneers!

On my pre trip to Hobart, I toured Mawson's Huts - replicas of the huts built by Dr. Mawson, the Australian scientist who pioneered Antartica and laid claim to over 40% of the continent on behalf of the Australian government in the early 1900's.

The tour guide encouraged me to bring the choir through the huts to "pretend what it would be like to actually be in, and sing in, Antarctica."  Well you can imagine his disbelief with what came out of my mouth next :-)))))))))

I got in touch with the Marketing Director of the Huts and suggested to her that it could be a win - win for her to put out a press release announcing the touring of the Huts by the ONLY choir in the world to have sung in Antarctica.  Sure enough, the press grabbed onto it!  There were 3 TV stations - including ABC) and radio! at our mini-concert in front of the Huts this morning.

Below is a link to the wonderful article and a quite extensive radio interview with Fitz.

Well I guess we HAVE to return to the 7th Continent now! If it's in the blogosphere it MUST be TRUE!

I am already in Brisbane doing advance work, but I know the boys are, as I type, at Bonorong. Martha said it's too dark and remote for pictures or video, so I want to give a shout at to the Pizsek and Flynn families for their sponsorship of this Tasmanian Devil safari.  The boys are LOVING it.  And again, thanks to all of our families who sponsored the various tour activities. Each one contributed to an overall enhanced concert tour for every one of our boys.

More later...

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