Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hostels on tour...welcome to our world

The boys will be landing shortly. I arrived ahead of them to prepare the way.

I sent Martha a list of instructions about hostel living KSB style. Thought you would enjoy reading what the boys will be hearing on the bus on the way from the airport to Base Auckland Youth Hostel. As you can imagine, managing 46 boys in a hotel setting is no easy feat. I can hear you now..."better you than me." Luckily, we've been around this block a few times...


-Hotels and hostels often scream out to young people: "make bad choices." Be extra vigilant to resist the temptation and be ready to be an "upstander" and not a "bystander" if someone is about to make a bad choice. 

-It goes without saying you are NOT permitted for any reason to leave your room, your floor, or the hostel without the express permission of an adult.

-Silent dorms.  That means no talking at all in the rooms. Dorms are for quiet time and sleeping. If you must, communicate with hand signs.  Exception: emergency, or when an adult gives you permission. You can write something down but only if necessary. Be ready for fines to be levied. 

-Before lights out, or early in the morning, you can journal or read or listen to music or study your music packet or contemplate how Benjamin Britten continues to change your life.

-Dorms will have 7 or 8 boys in it. Ever room should have a honcho and an assistant honcho. If there is an emergency in the rooms and an adult is not present, the honcho and another boy should go get help. The assistant honcho should stay in the room and be in charge.

-Either an adult will be staying in the dorm with you or in a room nearby with access to your room. Door locks without bolting. Do not bolt. 

-Remain decent at all times, as an adult can walk in at any time day or night. 

-You can NEVER leave the room without someone, including using the bathroom. It does not have to be your tour buddy (if, or example, your tour buddy is not ready to come down for breakfast) but make sure you plan it out so that everyone will have someone to go from room to bathroom or room to breakfast, etc...

-Silent bathrooms. That means no talking in the bathrooms. They are not in the rooms, but on your floor.

-Toilets are in a separate room from showers. The shower room has three separate showers in them. Do not hog the shower or the hot water.  Get clean and get out.

-The common area (reception, chill lounge, kitchen) is on the 3rd Floor. 

-"Evening showers," your breakfast time is 7:30am. You should divide the room evenly.

-"Morning showers," your breakfast time is 8:00am.

-You can come down as early as 7:00am if you can't sleep, have already showered etc... and have someone to come down with. 

-To get to your floor (4th, 5th, or 6th) put the key card in the slot (red X going down and facing you) and then press your floor. You will only be able to access your floor.

-Once you put your things in your room, come down to the 3rd floor, and ask the front desk to point you to the "Kitchen." We will meet there.

-Wear golf shirts and jeans 
-BRING your Garment bag with  formal attire in it. CHECK TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING.

Once you leave your room tomorrow morning, you won't be back in your room, so bring back pack too... Make sure you dress warmly. We'll be outside tomorrow night waiting for a train back to the city from the venue.

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