Friday, August 8, 2014

Hello from Melbourne!

I just arrived in this very cool, art-loving city.  It's 12:52pm Melbourne time. I'm having coffee across from Flinders St. Train Station, a grand old building from another time.

I'll be meeting with Julie McKenna, Managing Director of the Australian Youth Choir, to go over the Melbourne itinerary. Julie has organized our homestays and concerts in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. We go back along way - to my and Fitz' Philadelphia Boy's Choir days.

The boys are in the air somewhere between New York and Los Angelos. The first leg of a most excellent journey Down Under.  Better for them to check it off the bucket list while they're young.  It's a long trip for those of us who are...well...not so young.   This is my forth trip to Australia. Let's say it's a labour of love at this point.  A Conshohocken concert tour is looking better and better ;-)  But how else to better reward dedicated KSB singers than one of the seven continents.  Some of the boys have their eye on the exclusive "KSB 7 Continent Club."  Our goal is to make that possible for any KSB "lifer." Martha joins the club when she touches down in Melbourne! I think we need a 7 Continent pin!

More later...

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