Friday, August 22, 2014

Hello from Brisbane & a few more sponsorship opportunities

The boys' plane was delayed but they should be arriving in Brisbane soon.

Nine of our oldest boys will be with the adults in at the Brisbane YHA, as the AYC fell short with homestays.  This happened to three boys back in Sydney, and they ended up not minding a bit! Probably because they were treated like royalty. The adults - dined (but not wined) every night :-)  It was if they had the KSB staff at their beck and call for three nights.  That doesn't happen at home.

There are a few extra excursions in the last week of tour that we'd like to add in to the itinerary, but need some help.

-Tomorrow, there is the opportunity to take a special river cruise to the Lone Pine Sanctuary. We're already confirmed for the Sanctuary, and were planning to do this on Sunday. But, this cruise is a fantastic way to see the city and some famed Brisbane fruit bats who live in an enclave only accessible by water. If we can swing it, we'll move the Sanctuary to tomorrow and make it an all day event.

-Tomorrow night, the last Saturday night of tour, we'd like to take our rising Sophomores out as a kind of "Grad" night for these oldest boys - who've all been terrific in helping the shepherd the younger boys.

-Sunday, there is an opportunity to go south to the "Gold Coast."  There are a number of parks to choose from - water parks, theme parks, etc...  While our boys have had a ton of fun making music and sight seeing, they haven't had any opportunities to run around and be boys.  And the tour has taken up a third of their summer, which is what summer is all about. They've been fantastic ambassadors of KSB, their families, Philadelphia, and America.  We'd love to reward them with this surprise treat.

If you'd like to sponsor one of the events above to help make them possible for our boys, please e-mail me separately.  ( If you have already sponsored an event, thank you again, and please do not even think about sponsoring another one.  You've been generous enough!

We're more than happy to have KSB alumni, friends of KSB, and extended KSB families sponsor tour events.

More later...

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