Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Great Barrier Reef and the Last Evening of Tour

The Great Barrier Reef lived up to it's reputation -- it was GREAT!!

Tropical perfection is the best descriptor for today's weather, and the cold rain of early chapters of this tour is already a distant memory.

After a 90 minute bus ride to Port Douglas, we boarded the boat out to the diving platform on the reef

Plenty of time on the boat ride for Chap Group Photos

Time to suit up and get in the water!


Word got around that there was a boychoir on board, and requests started coming from the crew who wanted to hear the boys sing. So what else? One final impromptu mini-concert on the docks after we got off the boat.

Back to the hostel for a shower, then the final dinner of Australia and NewZealand Tour. We asked the boys to wear their jackets for a practical reason -- so they don't lose their new pins -- but the attire added to the festivities and several guys wore their ties, too. After dinner and some ice cream, time for end of the tour awards, and for this tour, THREE pins: Australia Flag, a Kiwi (for New Zealand) and a Tasmanian Devil. Yes, of course, Tasmania isn't a country, but it's a pretty unique destination!

The bus gets here in a few hours, and we begin the long trek home. 

As is always true of a KSB concert tour, the boys have experienced excellent music making, authentic connections with people from the other side of the world, a new level of self-confidence and discipline fostered, and the bonds of KSB friendships deepened.

See you in about 36 hours!
Don't forget the signs!!

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