Monday, August 11, 2014

Choral Triumph in Melbourne!

Good morning families! (Melbourne time, Tuesday, 7:51am)

I'm off to the airport to catch a flight to Hobart.  Need to prepare the way for the boys' leg August 20- 22nd.

Just a quick note to say that we had two wonderful performances yesterday. We sang a short school concert at Trinity Grammar School - an all boys elementary age assembly. They were absolutely delighted by KSB, especially our tour songs "Waltzing Mathilda" and "Cape Cod Girls." We also taught them "Seed to Sow." Our boys sat amidst their boys, so it was a great connection. (look for the picture)

We then had our first major concert - a very full hours at Auburn Uniting Church. Both choirs opened the concert with two joint pieces - one from their repertoire and one from ours. We then did a set, followed by a AYC set, and then we sang a second set. The boys were, for the most part, and considering jet lag, spot on - in tune and polished, and MOSTLY moving in the same direction. A miracle, really, considering it was a every full day of:

-rehearsing in the morning
-taking trains and trams, sometimes in the wrong direction (TOUR MOMENTS!!!)
-a scavenger dinner before hand (luckily it takes three weeks without food before dying)

We finished with a joint set of "I Need You To Survive," "There Has To Be A Song," and "Waltzing Mathilda." It was a beautiful musical love fest between the two choirs. The audience was thrilled, and quite stunned at our boys' poise and polish. Nothing but good reports on their behavior at the homestays. Hoping THAT continues.

We also sang "Happy Birthday" to Wiley. The Aussies sang their rendition of Happy Birthday too. GREAT FUN.

The boys have an easier day today, and SHOPPING!!! at the largest outdoor market in the Southern Hemisphere. It is truly awesome. They've had money burning in their pocket since Philly so they are ready to go. Good on 'em!

Today's itinerary is below.

More later....

Happy Birthday, Wiley!!!
WEARRegular Clothes with Underarmour Shirt, Jeans, Sneakers, KSB Windbreaker
BACKPACKSweatshirt, Tour Journal, i-Pod, Summer Reading, Water bottle, BBL from Melbourne Homestay. Be sure to bring your wallet! Shopping day!
AMBoys: Breakast with Melbourne Homestays
7:00Adults: Breafkast at Pegasus Apart-Hotel
7:15Early Staff & Chaps depart for St. Paul's Canterbury: Melbourne Central Station to Flinders St Station (10min) to Canterbury Station (towards Lilydale) 28 minutes + 9 minute walk to church.
7:30Late Staff & Chaps depart for St. Paul's Canterbury via Flinders St. Station to pick up boys: City Tram to Flinders St Station (10min)
7:45Late Staff & Chaps arrive at Flinders St. Station to pick up Flinders St. Boys
8:00Flinders St. Boys arrive at Flinders St. Station (could be earlier or later than 8:00am)
8:15Late Staff & Chaps and Flinders St. Boys depart for St. Paul's Canterbury: Belgrave or Lilydale Line (could be later than 8:15)
8:15Early Staff & Chaps arrive at St. Paul's Canterbury (corner of Margaret and Church Streets)
8:30Staff is at Canterbury Station to pick up Canterbury Boys (10min walk from St. Paul's Canterbury)
8:45Canterbury Boys arrive at Canterbury Station; Picked up by Staff; Walk to St. Paul's Canterbury (could be earlier or later than 8:45)
9:00Late Staff & Chaps and Flinders St. Boys arrive at St. Paul's Canterbury
9:00Car Boys arrive at St. Paul's Canterbury
AM Check in with Chaps and Boys
Tour Repertoire Brush Up: Movement and music for "Weeping," "I See The Moon," "Cape Cod Girls" (tuning and text on first phrase), "Total Praise" (notes and movement), "Draw the Circle," with Soren, "On The Road Again," "Tour Hymn," "South African pieces,"
KSB Treble "Summer" Retreat at St. Paul's Canterbury: Trepak, All is Well, Stopping By Woods
11:00Depart for Train (11 minute walk, next to train station)
11:00Depart for Queen Victoria Gardens: walk to Canterbury Station /Hawthorn East to Flinders, Tram to 8-Peel St/Victoria St (Market)
11:45Arrive at Queen Victoria Market
Market Sing! "Cape Cod Girls!," "Waltzing Mathilda!"
12:00Enjoy Queen Victoria Market (snack and shopping). Locals know this as the "Vic" or the "Vic Market." 17 acres! This is the largest open market in the Southern Hemisphere.
Stay in Chap Groups or at the very least Tour Buddies (with permission of Chap.) Be sure you know where the meeting point is. You should never be more than an arm's length from another singer. INCLUDING THE RESTROOMS. Always go anywhere and everywhere WITH someone. $10 fines will be levied on the spot!
14:00Meet at Gathering Place at Queen Victoria Market
Depart for Federation Square via Tram
Arrive at Federation Square and river in Chap Gropus
Informal (unathorized) logistics rehearsal at St. Paul's Catherdal
Repertoire for St. Paul's: O Lord God, Come Ye Sons of Art, Jerusalem, Evening Prayer, I See The Moon, Al Shlosha, Cape Cod Girls, Waltzing Mathilda
16:30Meet at Gathering Place at Federation Square for "Next Day" review (itinerary, attire, departure)
17:00Meet Homestays and/or disperse in designated groups to meet up with Homestays via trains at Flinders St. Station
Last dinner & evening with Melbourne Homestays: PRESENT HOMESTAY GIFT
Evening showers (ALL)
Pack for departure: Luggage should be ready at the front door before you go to bed. Leave out only what you need to dress and complete basic hygiene.
Staff & Chaps depart for Julie McKenna's home for dinner: Belgrave or Lilydale line to Surry Hills. (Check for train times back to Flagstaff or Melbourne Central Station)
McKenna dinner for Staff & Chaps
Staff & Chaps depart for Pegasus Apart-Hotel on Belgrave or Lilydale Line. Can get off at Melbourne Central Station, Flagstaff (right next to hotel) or Flinders St. Station

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  1. Thanks for an amazing concert at Trinity Grammar. My sons (aged 5&7) described you as "magestically epic" (high praise) and have been singing "seed to sow" at home. Your boys have given mine a new appreciation for boys' choirs- thank you!


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